Tips To Buy Ladies Footwear Online in India- No More Confusion Now

Tips To Buy Ladies Footwear Online in India- No More Confusion Now

Every teenage starry-eyed girl can remember getting totally obsessed with the story of Cinderella. It wasn't because of a wicked stepmother standing outside the bedroom door. Neither did they anticipated the appearance of a prince charming. Instead, the enthusiasm for fairytales in many girls grew for one specific reason. It was the first glimpse of how the right pair of shoes can completely reshape a woman's life.

Cut to some 20-odd years later, the faith in the power of beautiful footwear remains just as unshaken. In fact, it's now counted as an experience instead of fiction. Up to the present moment, no girl has ever brought home a gorgeous pair of shoes and not promptly jumped to cloud nine for the rest of the week. The girl whose shoe closet always invites a gasp at first glance is also the girl steered in the opposite direction by friends, whenever a shoe store is in close distance. Needless to say, the girl who can proudly wear Aldo on her feet while borrowing money for lunch from a co-worker. But you know what, all's fair in love, war and shoe obsession.

Here's a little something for you if the mere sight of a lovely pair of shoes causes you to experience a flurry of butterflies in your stomach. Look through JackieHeels comprehensive A to Z guide to buy ladies footwear Online in India. This collection includes every type of shoe you need to know about, from soles as flat as a pancake to ones with sky-high heels!.

Choosing appropriate footwear for dresses is tricky since it must complement both the dress and the colour scheme. Every girl's issue is that they are unsure of what shoes to pair with dresses since the wrong outfit may make them feel inferior and make them appear less appealing, and that is not what everyone wants to be seen.

“A shoe has much more to offer than just to walk”

– Christian Louboutin

So now we'll see some shoe-selection recommendations from JackieHeels, and will continue with the topic of matching perfect footwear with outfits. Always keep the outfit in mind before you opt to buy women footwear online in Delhi NCR while making your shoe selection. Choose shoes that are one shade darker than what you are wearing. Spend your money on high-quality leather shoes from JackieHeels rather than flats, and be sure to get the right size. Take a walk to test them out. JackieHeels always provide best online ladies footwear shopping in Delhi NCR at an affordable price.

Instead of matching, use vibrant colours for your clothing. Avoid ankle straps if your legs are short. For casual attire, choose shoes from the JackieHeels’ women footwear category. JackieHeels footwear provides inbuilt cushioning in shoes and custom orthotics to make your shoes more comfortable.

How to Select Perfect Footwear with Dresses?

How to Select Perfect Footwear with Dresses?

1. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are inspired by the footwear used by ballerinas and are classy, comfortable, and ideal for everyday wear. These women's shoes will either have a short heel or no heel at all. They are often close-toed and round-toed, with a thin sole.

2. Gladiator Sandals

These sandals are flat-soled and come with many wide-cross straps, starting from the sole and finishing with a heavier strap at the top, inspired by the ancient shoes used by Roman and Greek gladiators during wars. This sandal, which began as the most practical footwear, has grown to encompass a wide range of heights, designs, and materials in modern times.

3. Flip-Flops

These don't really require any explanation. Flip-flops, which have a flat sole, are the most convenient pair of shoes every woman should own. This pair of women's shoes has a Y-shaped strap that runs from the front of the sole to the sides. There is no shortage of flip-flop styles at JackieHeels, ranging from plain rubber to sparkly metallic straps.

4. Two Strap Sandals

Two-strap sandals, which have seen a recent rise in popularity, are largely based on the style of vintage Birkenstock sandals. The two broad cross-straps on this pair of women's shoes, as the name would imply, wrap around the foot horizontally. A pair would typically have a slip-on style, however slingback two-strap sandals are also trendy.

5. Arty Sandals

This looks fantastic with pants, capris, and a line skirts. This is great if you want a more casual appearance over a stylish one. They are preferable if you desire a comfy walk. Don't settle with boring designs; try for something trendy and artistic with JackieHeels, the best Ladies Footwear Online in India.

6. Loafers

This offers a preppy look; if you want to look young, avoid wearing it with traditional attire. Flevos can be purchased as they have a trendy look with metallic or printed designs. Invest in a pair of JackieHeels ballerinas or loafers as they're a blessing in disguise. It is possible to refer to them as ladies' casual dress shoes that are simple and comfortable to wear.



A great pair of shoes is the first step on a thousand-mile journey, and a lady in nice shoes is never unattractive. Good shoes will take you places, so buy women's footwear online in Delhi NCR from JackieHeels. So, with this comprehensive advice, it's time to Buy Online Heels for Women for various types of dresses.

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